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The Stories We Tell Matter

Media and television shape what we see of ourselves and how others define us.

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Where Are They?

Queer females are found across the globe in books, movies, comics, TV shows, and more.

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Under or Over Representation?

Without accurate data, we can't know if we're just seeing things or if it's real.

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How Do We Find The Answers?

The data is spread out and not organized, making collection over complicated.

Open Data is the Answer

By making all the data on queer female representation robust, open source, and free, we allow anyone to create and shape the future.

Open Source, Open Data

About Us

Lez Press is the hub of the various queer female media themed sites.

A volunteer driven organization, we are dedicated to providing reliable, open source data about the representation of queer females in the media.

Mika E. (ipstenu)

Mika is a longtime fangirl, with experience in running fansites and organizing communities, especially with WordPress and Tracy. Mika lives with her wife in Southern California. Of course she has a hybrid.

Tracy (liljimmi) Levesque

Tracy will watch almost anything with queer female characters in it and has a lot to say about it. She is happy to have joined lesbian WordPress superpower forces with Mika to build this site. She lives with her wife and kid in Philly.